Sometimes people say things about our music. Check it out here.

Naive Fanatic – Bubblegum Wasteland (also on
“Bubblegum Wasteland defies expectations. Every time you believe you’ve found the “sound” of the album, they are able to change direction with the following track, yet somehow these songs fit extremely well together and invites repeat listening which I’m too happy to oblige. Radio Macbeth seem to have accomplished a full, no filler album on the humblest of budgets. Although they may never receive the appreciation they deserve, the album stands as a testament to what a couple of inspired friends can achieve.”

Obscure Sound – “Vapor Trails”
“Natural guitar progressions, both of the acoustical and twangy electrical variety, are apparent in the midst of some interesting, glitchy production, though never overbearing to detract from the catchy indie-pop sensibilities inherent in the songwriting and melodic vocal approach […] This is a solid track from a promising act in Radio Macbeth.”

J. Getty, iheartradio – Bubblegum Wasteland
“An amazing mesh of smart, twisted pop and psychedelic folk-punk. I can’t believe something this layered is a debut release. Wow.”

The Deli, Portland – Bubblegum Wasteland
“Radio Macbeth fashion fun and lively tracks with emotive and at times deep lyrics with poppy yet thick instrumentation. Bubblegum Wasteland is their debut, and it shows much promise for the new twosome.”

Born Music Online – “Cephalaphoria”
“From their debut album, Bubblegum Wasteland, Radio Macbeth prove that lo-fi is the answer to the indie pop genre and delivers it in style in ‘Cephalaphoria’.”